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LIVIO GASPARINI, Sun Nov 5 08:15:53 CST 2006 
Exelentes imagenes de un buen trabajo, visitanos en: "radioschile"
Un saludos desde Chile sudamerica.

Rod Sievers, Tue Nov 14 09:11:52 CST 2006
Hello, I found your page 
about the RCA 85T1 restoration.  I'm beginning a similar project and wonder if you 
could help me with the dial string setup on this radio.  Or is it a belt of some sort?  
Any help or insight you could provide would be most appreciated.
Thanks, Rod Sievers, Carterville, IL

Larry COOPER, Tue Nov 21 02:20:56 CST 2006

Joseph Christilles,, Wed Feb 14 18:04:35 CST 2007
 Hello I see you 
have a Philco 42-345.  I have on of these that I just finished recaping and installing 
5 nos tubes.   Then I turned it on and would'nt you know the main transformer is no good.  
If you want to sell it for parts I would be interested.   

Thanks Joseph

A1Radio, Fri Feb 16 18:09:43 CST 2007

Hi Joseph,

I received a Message Delivery Failure sending an email to your address, so Ill answer you here.
Sorry to hear about the transformer on your Philco. A couple of ways I test the transformer 
on my radios is the Simple Tests as described at 
You can do this before recapping the radio. Another test I make is the Dim Bulb Tester as 
described at This is particularly good for testing 
transformers. If the transformer is really gone, it is hard to find a good replacement. I’d 
like to help, but I’d also like to keep my 42-345. The case is in such nice shape it would 
be a shame not to get the radio working again. 
I have put a number of hours into it already. The transformer tests out okay and I have 
recapped it. I have also put some time in cleaning the chassis. Not sure what got on it, but 
it had a lot of rust. I used some navel jelly (nasty stuff) and cleaned it up. I also had to 
DeoxiIT and fine sand paper the push button contacts. Very dirty! It seems kind of odd how bad 
the chassis of the radio was compared to the cabinet, almost like they were from two different 
radios. The restoration is coming along real good. However the radio still has one problem. No 
sound! All the voltage readings are right where they should be, but no sound. It may have a 
dead output transformer, so I probably have to find a replacement. I may not end up with an 
original replacement, but coming up with a substitute shouldn’t be a too hard. And if it gets 
the radio working again, then a substitute is okay with me. Not every restored radio has all 
direct replacement parts. 
Sorry I couldn’t help you. Best of luck in finding a replacement or substitute transformer.
- Mike

Ronnie, Tue Feb 20 16:04:33 CST 2007
Great site! Some very nice radios. I just purchased a RCA 85T1 on ebay and did a search and 
your site came up. I will check back often.

LARRY Cooper, Sat Feb 24 15:20:16 CST 2007

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Mick Bijak, Fri Apr 6 22:46:27 CDT 2007 
      I wanted to know if you think 40$ for an unrestored and fairly beat RCA14x radio is a good 
deal. I am considering purchasing one at at an local antiques shop.Do you know/have any reasource 
for it's value. He says if I can come up with a lower price(must have a reasource)He'll lower the 

           Best Regards,
             Mick Bijak

Dorothy Rosa Durkee, Mon Apr 30 22:36:01 CDT 2007 
Your site brought back many happy memories of radios and of my dad's shop (also called A1 Radio!) in 
West Orange, NJ, from about 1930-1950. Regards, DRD

Al Mankoff, Tue May 1 11:46:32 CDT 2007 
My Dad owned and operated A-1 Radio Service in West Orange, NJ, from 1935 to 1951. It was a small, 
one-man shop that fed our family of five thru the depression years. I nearly fell off my  chair when 
my kid sister sent me your site!  What a surprise! I was delighted to see the name revived and 
current!  How ever did you come to name your business A-1 Radio?  And the work you're doing is 
nothing less than remarkable!  Good luck with your enterprise!

Bob Mankoff, Tue May 1 15:07:05 CDT 2007
Nice work.
Congratulations on what you're doing.

Richard, Thu May 17 15:04:50 CDT 2007 
Great job on the Philco 40-120. Can I ask where you got new front sticker?

A1Radio, Sat May 19 15:10:49 CDT 2007
Dorthy, Al and Bob, I hope your dad is smiling from above. Please see my email.
- Mike

A1Radio, Sat May 19 15:11:25 CDT 2007
Richard, please see my email. For anyone else who also wants to know see
Lower right corner of sheet. It's a tad bit larger but should work ok.
- Mike

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Abe torkelton, Sat Nov 10 09:15:37 CST 2007

TonyJ, Fri Dec 14 06:23:34 CST 2007
I recently bought a Philco 40-120 and hope to make it look as good as 
yours when it's finished.  The strange 'extra loop' of antenna wiring around my loop frame was cut in several
places and a mess. Can't seem to find it on the schematic either.  As far as I can tell, one end of each of 
the turns was tied to the chassis and the other end simply secured to the wood frame?  If you get a chance, 
can you peek at yours and let me know if this is in fact how it should be, and how many turns it is to have?
Mine will need to be redone.  

Thanks - and nice work on your collection!

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Jim Specht, Sun Jan 6 14:49:40 CST 2008
I also am working on a Philco 40-120.  I am having a problem reading the parts list for the pilot lamp.  If 
it is 34-2040 then it is a 51, but if it is 34-2068, then it is a 47.  Any help you could provide would be 

David, Mon Jan 7 15:37:40 CST 2008
Mike,  Nice site!  I particularly liked your lively commentary of all the steps you performed while restoring 
all your radios.  I have a question about the AES eliminator kit you used for the Northern Radio.  Did you use 
the wood block it came with?  What kind of cable did you use for the A and B voltages?  Looks like speaker cable.... 
Lastly, what size fuse did you use?  Slow blow at 1/2A?


john denicola, Mon Feb 4 14:35:24 CST 2008
i have an old philco record player and the speaker has one of those speaker transformrs piggy backed onto it and 
one of the wires connecting to the speaker has come out you know of a way to repair that? thanks

, Sun Feb 10 18:48:34 CST 2008 
I have an old RCA tube radio 
wooden case 
three knobs on the frontand one on each side
not FM 
only AM and shortwave 
very heavy
cant seem to find any info on it

Jon Everley, Sat Feb 23 08:34:05 CST 2008
I have a 1938 Stewart-Warner "Magic Keyboard" console model. The plastic button and tuner panels are warped and cracked 
(the tuner panel had glass) Can they be restored and if so, How? Thankyou.

Robin Roeckers, Wed Feb 27 08:45:40 CST 2008 
Have you ever had the opportunity to refinish a radio with plastic inlays?  I have a Firestone S7403-5 Melody with red 
inlays that some nut has painted over.  I got the paint off but how do you stain it without covering the red plastic?

Robin Roeckers, Wed Aug 27 11:10:15 CDT 2008
Where do you get the clips that hold the backs on the bakelite radio sets?  I have a couple that only have one of these 
little "T" shaped fasteners.  I've looked everywhere.

A1Radio says: see the discussion at 

jean-guy gagne, Sat Sep 27 09:07:00 CDT 2008
I have a Northern Electric B4100 battery radio and I would like to know if I can buy the 
battery set or the electrical AC replacement?

jean-guy gagne, Tue Sep 30 06:45:33 CDT 2008
Very good work on the Northern Electric B4100!! I am a retiree from them and I have one of 
those and I would like to buy a power supply to replace the battery set. Can you help me?

A1Radio says: The power supply I have I built from a kit purchased from Tubes And More:
Tubes And More
I have a couple of battery radios and none of them use the “C” output so I only added the “A” and “B” to my build. It 
also doesn’t come with a case so I picked one up from Radio Shack and used a thinner wood base and installed it in 
the case. However it may be used without a case. 

A bit more money will get you the ARBE III found at:
It gets good reviews from the folks at the Antique Radio Forums. I built mine to kinda look like this one.

Check out this article on battery radios with info on using batteries and Building a B Battery Eliminator:
Phil's Old Radios

If you go the battery route using 10 9-volt batteries and a 1.5-volt you can do it yourself or purchase a 
kit from:
Look for BATTERY POWER SUPPLY on the page. Currently only $20 including batteries!

More discussion on battery eliminators can be foud here:
Antique Radio Forum link

Hope that is some help.

Carter, rollei***@***.com, Wed Feb 4 13:40:29 CST 2009 
Hi, Tried to e-mail you but it bounced.

Your Truetone 513 has the same chassis as my old Wards Airline (04BR-566A). Mine is cloth covered wood. 
No asbestos but there seems to be plenty of ventilation around the ballast.


A1Radio says: Bounced? Hmmm, I just sent an email to the address and it worked. It's Hotmail. Maybe they were down then.  
And yes your Airline is basically the same radio. I just did a Google search on your model number and found one that just 
sold in Italy on eBay. They had numerous pictures of it. Hmmm, Wards must have had Truetone build it for them. No asbestos 
in yours, good, one less problem to take care of. Thanks for stopping by.

ghiaray, Sat Mar 14 12:52:20 CDT 2009
I like your radios. I just got a 56X5, case is nice, but i get a hum around 1490. I just 
startd working on radios. I replaced most caps except hard to get to ones.

Dale Saukerson, Tue Apr 21 17:07:33 CDT 2009
I am restoring a Truetone 513.The electrical is done, plays great, working on the cabinet.
Had to make my own ballast replacement though. Mine has a torn schematic label on the bottom.
Is yours in better shape? Can you share a pic of the label?

A1Radio says: Yes it's in fairly good shape, pics sent. 

, , Sun Sep 13 22:17:11 CDT 2009
I have a floor model 1940 RCA Anniversary Model Radio and Record Player with an excellent walnut finish that I am interested in selling and I don't have any idea what it is worth.

A1Radio says: Sorry but I don't price radios here. However you could check current and past sales on ebay.

AANGELA, Fri Sep 25 15:53:11 CDT 2009

A1Radio says: Sorry but I don't price radios here. However you could check current and past sales on ebay.

Judy, Sat Jan 2 21:45:39 CST 2010
I have a Coranado radio model 94RA1-43-85108. It was my folks radio. It needs 
restoring. I'd like to sell it and wonder what its worth & whats best way to 
sell it?

A1Radio says: Sorry but I don't price radios here. However you could check current and past sales on ebay.

Joe Rebar, *******, Thu Jan 21 23:56:11 CST 2010
BEAUTIFUL radio's and great restorations !!!

A1Radio says: Thanks!

kevin Jenn, *******, Tue Mar 16 19:50:54 CDT 2010

I found your website because I was looking for a anything ARKAY. I recently purchased a white ARKAY 
radio like yours but with white knobs. I found many websites with this radio and found 3 differing 
model numbers and no schematic until I found yours. Thank you for providing the Nostalgia Air link 
to Radio Kits S-5C. It's just a standard AA5 radio but it's nice to have the info to ref to. Is that 
the original cardboard box? Nice work on those radios you've posted.

- Kevin

A1Radio says: Yes, but its not mine, just a picture I found online.

undefined, undefined, Sun Mar 21 18:58:25 CDT 2010


gary de pontes, *******, Thu May 20 01:26:53 CDT 2010
 very nice!
the wooden radio's are truly restored!

(south africa)

A1Radio says: Thanks!

undefined, undefined, Sun May 30 01:12:14 CDT 2010