Motorola 67X13 - 1947

This is my 2nd Motorola 67X13.


This radio has 6 tubes. 35Y4, 35A5, 14C7, 14Q7, 12B7 and 14B6.

The finish was in somewhat bad shape, all flaky, and the top wood
was separating betweens layers. So I injected some wood glue
between the layers and using two large boards, one on top and
the other on the bottom, I clamped it overnight. Turned out not
too bad. However there was some chipping of the veneer at the
back of the top that I just left for now.

The speaker is not original and was a replacement from a trashed
Motorola 57X11. I wish that radio could have been saved. It has
a somewhat interesting look.

Itís partially recapped, and works well. However I should finish the job someday.

Well, there it is. My 2nd Motorola 67X13. It's been cleaned up a bit and is playing
once again and it's not looking too bad. So it's now ready to join my other radios,
playing the sweet sound of music. Just as this radio was originally made to do.
- Mike

For anyone interested, here is the schematic
and service data for this radio.

Rider PDF File   - Thank You Nostalgia Air !

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