Coronado 43-8240 - 1947

I picked up this radio at an antique radio swap meet. Here's some pics.

The tag on the bottom says it's also a BRC (Belmont Radio Corp) model 5D-117,
(which would have a different dial scale that probably says Belmont).

It was already restored, in great shape and very cheap. However it needed
one last fix. The guy who restored it replaced the line cord with a green
one! I told him I had to replace it, so he knocked off another $5 bucks.

Using a green line cord, it just isn't right!
Here is the underside of the chassis. The guy did a nice job of replacing the parts. He even rewired the line in to eliminate the hot chassis problem! Ya gotta love it when a guy does that. It's a real asset to the hobby, (with the exception of using green line cords).
Ok, I swapped out the green line cord for a brown one. Now I'm happy.

Ok, so I picked it up at a really good price. I swapped out the green line
cord for a brown one and replaced one last old cap on the aerial. I also
smoothed out the plastic dial scale. It was warped and I put it between two
wash cloths and ran a hot clothes iron over it until smooth, then let it cool.
The only other thing it needed was a good once over the cabinet with Novus #2.
So now this little gem joins my other radios, playing the sweet sound of music.
- Mike

For anyone interested, here is the schematic
and service data for this radio.

Rider PDF File   - Thank You Nostalgia Air !

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