Berkshire - Manufacture and date unknown

Restored to working condition. Manufacturer and date unknown.
Tubes used: 12Z3, 6D6, 6C6 and 43. Has resistor-line cord.
If you have any information on this radio,
please contact me. Thanks.

Here is the radio as I
received it, front view.   
And side view.
A little ruff,
but not in too
bad of shape.
Check out the station selector, 0-100. And
the volumn control. How about the zeros.
   Here is a back view, and
the back is still there!
    A lot of times it's gone.   
Here it is the first time I took
the back off. Wow that looks pretty
clean in there!
   A couple of views after I first removed it
from the cabinet. That speaker looks new!
Overall it's in real nice shape.
   Underneath before and after re-capping
Looks like some one had
removed the wet electrolytic
cap and replaced it with one
underneath at some point.   
And here it is with the case redone.

Well I recapped it and refinished the cabinet. When connected to an
antenna I receive the sweet sound of music. Just as this radio was meant
to play. I believe this type is called a mantel radio. With it having a
resistor line cord I guess it dates to around the mid to later 1930's?
So who manufactured it? What year was it sold? If you can identify or
have any information on this radio, please email me. I would appreciate
it very much. Thanks.
- Mike

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   Hey, check this out! I just saw this on e-bay.
A bit ratty, but the same style as the Berkshire!
Only the name on it is Jefferson. So these were
sold under a couple of different names.