Arkay - Radio Kit S5C - late 1940's & 50's


Arkay stands for the initials of the company that put the kits together, RK,
Radio Kit. I believe they put out 11 different kits during the late 1940's thru early
1960's. This radio measures 9"W x 6"D x 6"H and is a typical AA5. Uses tubes 12SA7GT
mixer/oscillator, 12SK7GT IF, 12SQ7GT detector, 50L6GT audio and 35Z5GT rectifier.


Here's the front of the chassis. This has just one band, standard broadcast. The lower part that shows Meters is just the standard BC band shown in meters. I quess to make it look more impressive. Humm, the speaker is in tough shape! However someone used rubber cement on it and it sounds better than it looks. Someday I may find a new one for it.
A view from the top. Just the basic, no frills here.
Another view of the chassis from the back.
A view underneath after I had recapped it. This must have been an earlier kit as the caps were USA Cosmic Rays from Chicago. I believe the later kits used imports from Japan to keep the cost down. The chassis is nice and open, easy to work on. You can see who ever initially put this kit together did a real good wiring job, and no cold solder joints!
I purchased this radio on E-bay. The pictures showed an antena attached. However when it arrived, it was gone. I e-mailed the seller who said they found one and would send it. Well the black spider coil is what they sent! That was never on this radio. So I had the loop one lying around and I attached that one instead. It's a little wide, so I ordered a new one from Antique Electronic Supply as a replacement.
Well here's a picture of the antenna I received from Antique Electronic Supply. As you can see it's smaller and fits nicely. However it doesn't work nearly as well as the larger one I had on. So back went the big one.

Ok, there it is. I'm done, unless I find a new speaker for it.
And now it has joined my other radios, playing the sweet sound
of music. Just as this radio was originally made to do.
- Mike

For anyone interested, here is the schematic
and service data for this radio.

Rider PDF File   - Thank You Nostalgia Air !

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