Truetone D-905 - 1937

These are some pictures of the radio as I am restoring it.


The mechanics look good. The dial turns and the band switch clicks as well
as the on-off switch. The speaker is in fine shape, almost looks new. I've already
contacted Dave Frush at about the missing knob. The knobs on this
set have the functions on them. 'Tuning', 'Band SW', and the missing one 'Off Volumn'.
Dave has the knob with the function $5! Wow, Dave has all the knobs you need.

Ok, let's see what else needs to be taken care of.
Well the grill cloth has some fraying twards the top, so I picked up some replacement from ... I think it's a close match.
Here's one problem area I don't care for too much. Veneer work. The right bottom corner needs to be fixed! This is always the hard part for me. Getting it to look good is not easy. I have some thin veneer strips that I picked up at a local woodworking store. This clearly needs to be fixed!
A pic of the dial. This radio has the typical broadcast and shortwave bands. Notice that the tunning goes from low to high right to left!
A top shot of the chassis. The tubes used are 6A7, 6D6, 6Q7G, 25L6G, 25Z5 and ballast BK49BG. Most tubes tested good except for the 6D6 and the ballast was in bad shape so I replaced that also. In addition the pilot lamp was a type I couldn't find, so I used a smaller voltage one with a small resistor in series. The wire going to the top of the 6A7 tube needed to be replaced, but in removing it the top cap came off the tube! A little solder and it was as good as new!
Well I've already jumped in and recapped it! This radio wasn't bad to do at all. Nice and open under there. Ya gotta love these kind!

So ok, that's the point it's at now. I've recapped it and it works. I have the knob ordered and have the new grill cloth. I've done a once over strip of the cabinet. All I really need to do is the hardest part, fix the veneer! Well it's been sitting at this point for over a year! So I'm not sure when I'll get it done. I guess I'm stalling because of the veneer. Check back sometime and see if I ever finish the job.

Hopefully it won't be long and this TrueTone can join my other radios, playing
the sweet sound of music. Just as this radio was originally made to do.
- Mike

For anyone interested, here is the schematic
and service data for this radio.

Rider PDF File   - Thank You Nostalgia Air !

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