Northern Electric B4100 - 1947

Ok, the restoration is complete!

These are some pictures of the radio as I received it.


The Canadian north woods version of the Northern Electric Rainbow radio. This
is a battery version since the northern region still didn't have electricity
in the mid to late 1940's. It uses a 1.4v or 2v A battery and two 45v B batteries.
The 2v with 2.2 ohm resistor or 1.4v without is for filament and 90v for B bias.
It has 4 tubes. 1A7GT Converter, 1N5GT IF Amp, 1H5GT 2nd Det and 3Q5Gt Output.

Inside this was one dirty radio!


Needs to be recapped.

As this is a farm radio and only runs on batteries. I needed some way to power it,
so I built a power supply for it. After checking online, looking at schematics,
pricing parts and reading reviews, I decided to buy the AES kit. It comes with
parts for a triple supply, A, B and C voltages. I eliminated the C supply and used
the space to add a fuse, switch and power light. It doesn't come with the case so I
picked one up from Radio Shack and put it inside that. It wasn't too hard to build
at all and works good. Some reviewers said they had hum introduced from the A supply
to their radios, but mine doesn't introduce any.

I cleaned up the cabinet. It went well and I don't think I need to do anything
more to it. I'll keep this one as is. No cracks. It just needed a good cleaning!


Chassis is cleaned up.

Recapping is done.

Well, there it is, cleaned up and playing once again with the help of a new
battery eliminator. And it's looking good! It's now ready to join my other radios,
playing the sweet sound of music. Just as this radio was originally made to do.
- Mike

For anyone interested, here is the schematic
and service data for this radio.

PDF File  - Thank you Baby Champ !

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