RCA 85T1 - 1937

Here is a picture of the
radio as I received it.
Not in too bad of shape.
Just a little dusty.
Check out the dust
on the dial pointer!
Before and after pics.
More dusty views.
And all cleaned up!
A view of the cap's
I had to replace.
And here it is, all
re-capped and ready
to go!   I left the old
can's disconnected but
intact and added new
elecrtolytic (blue) ones
Another pretty pictures of the dial.
And the finished product!

Well I recapped it, replaced the cord and gave it a good cleaning.
I decided that the finish on this radio was in good enough shape that I
didn't need to refinish it.   I didn't want to destroy the patina. This is
a five tube radio.  It uses a 42, 80, 6A7, 6D6 and 75 and I didn't have
to replace any tubes as they all tested good!  Which is a very good thing
since a full tube replacement would have cost me about 60 bucks. Ouch!
So now it's joined my other radios, playing the sweet sound of music.
Just as this radio was originally made to do.
- Mike

For anyone interested, here is the schematic
and service data for this radio.

Rider PDF File   - Thank You Nostalgia Air !

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